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About Our Boys - Lucinda Neall


This book looks at what makes boys tick, what motivates and de-motivates them and how to help them navigate the journey to manhood.


Written at the request of parents and youth workers who had read Lucinda Neall’s book for teachers, it is packed with examples from daily life. Lucinda’s experience as a mother, stepmother and youth worker give valuable insights into boys and their behaviour.

Paperback £12.99

A really accessible, practical and useful handbook for parents and anyone who works with boys … not only explains clearly and insightfully what makes boys tick, but also provides a host of tips and strategies for bringing the best out in them.

      Sue Palmer, Toxic Childhood

Testosterone can be a challenging ingredient in any household and this book gives us all a hope of turning boisterous boys into confident young men to be proud of.

Superintendent Mick Doyle,

Thames Valley Police


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