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Back - Susan Day

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A story of friendship and loneliness, of losing and searching and occasional joy.


Everyone in this novel would like to go back in one way or another – back home, back to the past, back to being friends, even back to being lovers. There’s Bill who has recently been widowed – he’d like to go back to his lost love from his student days – Joan. And there’s Viv, Joan’s friend, who becomes entangled in Bill’s search.

The adventures of all three are woven into a comedy of errors in this gently under-stated story by Susan Day. Her sharp eye for detail brings to life her quietly woven characters, who find their way to a finale which holds possibilities and risks for each of them.

paperback £8.99

An enjoyable romp through some ordinary yet extraordinary lives. Full of all too believable characters whose inept communications result in missed meetings, long car journeys, petty rows and tricky situations. A look at human life which reflects both its amusing and poignant aspects. Well worth a read.

                                                 Tilly Northedge

Cobnor Book Group, Sussex

The dialogue and interplay between her characters vividly reveals them, drawing out and colouring their contrasting natures, histories and motives with little need of further description.

Brian Sellars, author of

The Whispering Bell

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