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Lostlings - Susan Day

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Nothing is more important to Lynn and Dave Wilde than family. They have lived in Sheffield all their lives, and their two married daughters live close by. Their son Jamie meets and marries Niecey, and they have a son.

Niecey is something of an enigma - she is not from Sheffield, she appears to have no family, no friends and no past - but she is accepted into the family.


Then Jamie discovers, by accident, the birth certificates of two children, and consults his parents and sisters about what this might mean: are they Niecey’s children? did they die? who is their father? Does she know where they are? Does this explain her constant wandering around the city, her hovering outside school gates?

As the secret gradually comes out, each member of the family reacts to the situation in a different way. Tensions run high, and Niecey is forced to reveal her history. Finally, answers come from an unexpected source, and open the way to a resolution.



paperback £9.99

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