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How to Talk to Teenagers - Lucinda Neall

This pocket book explains how adults can communicate with teenagers in a way that makes them likely to listen and react positively. The examples given come from the home, the street, clubs, sports and outdoor pursuits settings.


  • Explains how teenagers see the world

  • Packed with examples from day-today life

  • Focuses on what to say to get them on board

  • Includes ‘maintaining boundaries’ and ‘avoiding conflict’

  • Gives tips on how to stop nagging and shouting

  • Encourages adults to see the positive in teenagers

  • Concise chapter summaries for easy refernce

Paperback £7.99    ebook £7.19

A superb guide – the key issues and techniques of interacting with young people are covered in a practical, easy to understand way. A great introduction to working with young people. I ’d recommend it to anyone.

                          Mark Todd, Chief Executive

                               Ocean Youth Trust South

This book says it all. Lucinda has captured the art of dealing with and speaking to teenagers in a fantastic, easy to use guide.

        John Keyes, Social Inclusion Manager

                        Arsenal Football Club

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