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Hollin Clough

SKU: 9780993594786

    (Verbs) To conceal, hide, put out of sight, screen, cloak, veil, shroud, muffle, mask, disguise, camouflage.

    There are families that would fall apart if the truth came out.

    ​     Jen admires her father and Frank believes that his daughters are happy, but no one in any family knows the whole story.

         ​This family has fractured before, and been patched up by secrets and evasions.Now things are about to change.


    The more I read, the more I enjoyed it. A real page-turner, well-written and believable.

    Laura Kerr, Botanical Book Group, Sheffield


    A book that makes you think, Susan Day expertly tackles the relationships within families and their dynamics; her characters are very convincingly drawn and deſtly written. Thoughtful and


    Steven Kay, The Evergreen in Red and White


    Author Susan Day


    ebook available

  • £2.99 - UK

    £4.99 - rest of the world

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