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  • It’s 2020 and the whole country is in lockdown due to the dreadful virus COVID-19, but for Pamela Dearly it makes little difference to her way of life. More than a decade after the death of her sister she is still living as a resentful recluse, spending her days going over the past.

         Pam knows floods. The breaching of the dam that devastated Sheffield in 1864, the east coast flood of 1953 that blighted her own family, and the flood of 2007 that ruined many homes and businesses have all played their part in her life and work.

         Watershed is about loneliness and families, and unlooked for deaths. It speaks of how events can change the course of lives, and how, in the end, the smallest of human interactions can make a difference.


    Author Susan Day


    ebook available

  • £2.99 - UK

    £4.99 - rest of the world

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