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Subtypes: The Key to the Enneagram - Eric Salmon & Heather Brown

The Enneagram shows us nine key drivers (types) that energise us, which Eric Salmon explained in his first book The ABC of the Enneagram.  Now in this follow-on book Eric explores the three subdivisions of each type – otherwise known as “subtypes”.  The subtypes show us the most visible part of our type; they help us to become aware of our everyday automatic behaviours.  As such, they are the key to helping us get back into contact with our true self, so we can free ourselves from our unconscious habits and more readily accept other peoples.

This specialist book on Enneagram Subtypes outlines a new approach to Enneagram studies, which can help your personal development and your professional and personal relationships to flourish.  It will help you to operate in the world in a more free and focused way.

Paperback £14.99    ebook £11.99

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