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The Child who Fell from the Sky - Stephan Chadwick

Untold secrets of a childhood.


A true story of a child born in war-torn London soon after the Second World War whose early memories are of the care and security given to him by his grandmother and an angel who watches over him.


At six he finds out a devastating secret that changes his life. He withdraws into his own world, searching for understanding and meaning. Isolated from his family and children of his own age he turns to his guardian angel for love and guidance but even his angel cannot save him from what is to come.

Paperback £9.99     ebook £8.39

This is an extraordinary, raw, and powerful book.
    It takes you right inside the mind of a child as he discovers the terrible truths about the circumstances of his birth, and follows with him his growing up into a hard, tough world which will be (so very thankfully!) far away from most of our experience. More ...


        James Willis, Friends in Low Places

Sometimes a book can just sneak up on you and contradict your expectations and this is such a book. There is nothing flashy about it, but nor is it didactic, and it has a raw, poetic quality that to my mind puts much more scholarly writers to shame.

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