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The Roads They Travelled - Susan Day

What did happen to Marcie?


Four girls set out one wartime morning, on a day that will bind them together for years to come. Work and marriage, children and divorce, change and death.


Many years later they are still in touch, and still trying to resolve the tragedy that has been a constant in their lives.

Paperback £7.99    ebook £4.79

Ordinary is made extraordinary by the intricacies shared in this beautifully woven tale of lives shaped by the forces of history. Set during and after the Second World War the reader is drawn into a skillfully painted picture of lives, changed forever by war.

   Bryony Doran, The China Bird


Offers fresh new perspectives on lifes lived - it's pages are filled with moments and stories that are a pleasure to take into the imagination.

         Docs and Daughters

           Book Group,Bristol

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