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Tom and Jake - Helen MccGwire

The first of six stories about Tom and Jake, two little boys who live with their family and animals in an old farmhouse in Devon, which have been charmingly written and illustrated by Helen MccGwire.


The stories are based on the experiences of her five children during the 1960s, whilst living in the English countryside.


Ideal for reading to children, and for revisiting a 1960s childhood.

Paperback £4.99

This is an enchanting book - it takes us back to the 1960s and the adventures of the two young heroes, living in the countryside with the World to discover. The book, based on the author's own family, has a "Swallows and Amazons" feel to it - though rather than a boat and a lake, this has the children (there are also three sisters) living near a farm, being what appears to be home-schooled, and with parents around in the background somewhere, the sallies forth take in a grain store (yikes!) and a ... well it's a simple story, ideal for grandparents and young listeners, and a springboard for reminiscences, too. The story and prose are realistic and precise, the illustrations nostalgic and have detail for young eyes to explore and absorb.

Thoroughly recommended

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