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Who Your Friends Are - Susan Day

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Plain Pat and Lovely Rita – childhood best friends who shared lives and confidences through the 1950s and 60s.

     As the two friends follow different paths through the 70s, they grow apart, but Pat stays loyal to her friendship with Rita and her sisters.

     Now, years later, Pat finds herself with time on her hands, and begins to look back on her relationship with Rita –­­­ at the same time as she has a crisis in her own life and problems in her grown up family.


This beautifully understated story of working-class girls explores the opportunities and the limitations, hopes and disappointments – and the music – that they grew up with;
and the choices they hardly remember making that shaped their lives.


Paperback £7.99    ebook £4.79

A wonderful book about rites of passage – from the 1950s to the present day. Sometimes raw; often poignant; with deft dialogue and a feel for the realities of teenage friendship and subsequent family life and its unexpected twists and turns.

Robin Kent, author of

‘Aunt Agony Advises’


A deceptively simple story that makes you think about relationships, self-deceit and how we fail to spot the obvious.

Brenda Bannister, author of

‘The Tissue Veil’

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